Do the regulatory and compliance requirements that are at the heart of your industry baffle you? Finding it difficult to wade through the long and complicated stack of regulations? Wish there were an Expert who could handhold you through the process?

This is exactly what we at GlobalCompliancePanel Consulting provide. GlobalCompliancePanel Consulting was created to address the regulatory and compliance pain areas. The consulting arm of our business was devised precisely to address the specific, unique needs of each organization. Our Experts; chosen from the pick of the compliance training industry, offer solutions to each and every of your regulatory needs. Whether it is for global or Indian markets that you need customized, tailor-made solutions, our Experts are available at your service. With GlobalCompliancePanel, it is like having a professional counselor to address your areas of concern.

We have seen how organizations get mired in the obtuse world of regulatory compliance. Who is better placed to understand an organization's need for Expert consulting, having seen the successful conduct of over 500 webinars and about 10 seminars? It is these trainings that led us to discover the need for individualized consulting. As we explored the field of regulatory consulting, we realized that we could enhance our services by getting Experts to come over and impart their expertise by actually being with you, right at your facility.

To do this, we didn't need to go scouting. Our already existing panel of Experts was a rich repository of knowledge that we could bank upon. Many of them have India-specific knowledge, which some of our Indian clientele looks for. With GlobalCompliancePanel Consulting, meeting regulatory requirements of the global markets is as easy as getting the Expert to do it for you. Don't go in search of Experts. Get them to come down to where you are!

We offer you the freedom to choose the format and manner in which you want our Experts to offer their experience. You can choose to have them come over to your place, or you could delegate personnel from your organization to interact with them, or they can be assigned to your organization for a set period of time till your issues are resolved.

Rest assured that with GlobalCompliancePanel, the way you do business will not be the same!

Why choose GlobalCompliancePanel Experts?
When you choose GlobalCompliancePanel Consulting, you have access to a pool of experience-rich, world renowned Experts that know everything of everything about the global regulatory and compliance matters. GlobalCompliancePanel is a great opportunity to unearth the experience and knowledge of this source of knowledge to eliminate all your concerns. GlobalCompliancePanel brings to your doorstep the wealth of experience of Experts from around the globe.

Reasons to choose GlobalCompliancePanel Consulting:
  • Over a 100 Experts that are renowned in their respective areas;
  • Each Expert that is assigned to you is handpicked from a global pool of highly experienced regulatory and compliance Experts;
  • Experts work exclusively with you, understanding your requirements and addressing your specific issues;
  • Consulting business led by Dr. Steven Kuwahara, regulatory Expert and Founder & Principal, GXP Biotechnology, LLC.
  • Intuitive, unique and apt solutions that are specifically designed for your organization and none else, since Expert works with you only;
  • Individualized, expert attention to your specific pain areas;
  • Access to Consultants who have overseen the compliance requirements of dozens of companies on critical areas on FDA and many more;
  • Our Experts have touched upon all aspects of regulatory compliance in the course of the long careers;
  • Freedom to include any number of employees in the organization for Consulting sessions;
  • Choice of the mode of Consulting is yours: Onsite, offsite or allotting your staff to work with them;
  • Over four years in the continuous professional education industry;
  • Legacy of over 500 courses taught at our webinars;
  • Successful online training given to over 30,000 professionals;
  • Seminars done so far in India and the US have gone down very well with the participants;
  • An organization that has several ambitious plans in the pipeline.

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